ETICA Exchange Donations

ETICA Exchange Donations

The exchange donations wallet has been created to collect community donations towards
the new exchange listings that are being contemplated. There are several contenders, but
they are all expensive to list. Considering that Etica is comprised of EGAZ and ETI these
fees will be extensive.

The numbers from one large favored exchange are:
$65000 for EGAZ
and another $65000 for ETI

Then a liquidity pool must also be provided in (thusfar mentioned)
$30,000 USDT
and $30,000 of the COIN

ALSO the proposal requires an amount of
$50,000 USDT provided to the exchange for
"Organization of certian events on the platform."

As these numbers seem to be inline with other proposals, We should be aiming very high.

These donations will only be used towards any potential exchange listings, most
likely after community poll, but possibly (timely fashion) by decision of founder
and/or exchange marketeers.

Asset Current Balance
EGAZ data1
ETI data2
ETH data3